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That was great!

I really like the humor in it, as well as your unique style, but i still had a few problems with it. the walk cycles were horrible, you really need to work on them, you did the noob type walk cycles where the feet just sway back and forth, as apposed to one lifting up and going ahead while the other went back. also, i think it should have been a little more fast paced at the beginning before the guy got hit in the head. it would add more of a sense of safety before the chaos started. Overall good job there.


geez, this isn't nething great, i cant believe how high the score is. most of the backgrounds and people were still in sketch form cus u were to lazy to actually trace them into flash. as for animation: wow.... tweens, im so impressed. it was like some sketches were put into flash, u added some intense music, then put in more animated sketches of characters that u introduce, then don't show for the rest of the movie, which went by in a blur, then u trace over a few pieces of the animation that u felt like tracing, add a few random motion tweens here and there, then put it on newgrounds and called it an animatiion. Im just not impressed.

Frikin Sweet

this was great, William I such a funny guy. The artwork was kinda weird, expecially William's head, it was all furry. Y did he tear the pages out of his diary to write on them? I really look forward to the next episode.

t3h-m4tt responds:

Hah - you noticed. I was being lazy and didn't want to try to animate the die-ry opening and him turning the pages, so I just did ripped-out notebook paper. I think I'll have that worked out by next time.

And yes, his head is furry. No, I don't know what he is. And he isn't a furry alien.


That was great, the special effects on the monitor were well done, the 3d was great, and the plot was perfect. you could be the next Rod Serling! I also liked how it seemed like an old fasioned kind of sci-fi, how the aliens talked, how they thought about earthlings, it was great.

Oh my its rear end, is having a poo!

Hahahahaha! I loved the first one, but this one was even better! Pigeon planet, Ragu, and a screwy wizard! LOL

Sooo awesome!! Glitches and seizures! yay!

That was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Especially awesome because it had Misteroo and Seppel!!! :) It was Arfenhouse-esque because it was SOOOOO GLITCHYFUL but there was smooth animation. Keep it up!
PS: dont listen to people who beg you to hurry up with Arfenhouse 3. If they want it so much, then they can try making it themselves, goddamit.

just stupid

i shouldnt even need to review this, its reeally bad, there is no point but to waste my time.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

then why did you review this if you thought you were wasting your time?

Your time obviously isn't that valuable.

i dont look forward to part 2

Pretty bad, the action scenes are too sloppy, and the talky-parts are so boring that they'd only be acceptable in an ACTUAL videogame.

mabey not a blam, but still pretty bad.

KHCloudStrife responds:

Well as for the second there is no text except for the end maybe, the rest is sounds music and graphics.

Worse than last 2

This stage is (despite still being pretty good good) much worse than your last 2. this one is just the 2 guys jus flippin around and rolling on the ground. also, ou lost points for unoriginality.

AHH! Foogadoo...

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